Flappy Bird

About FLappy Bird
FLappy bird s one of the – one of the most popular game google plaq Story, it was created in March 2013 for about 6 months and this game had over 50 million downloads. He said he made 50,000 dollars in advertising but quickly decided that the game should remove its authors.
Then he started talking about the whole world has become 10 times more popular than he was before and everyone will ask why this happened, author said that in this game of life difficult for him.
The point is that the game makers are one of the common people from Brazil to create a little game, its total budget was about $ 2000. This man never would have thought that such recognition would bring his game, he’s not ready to be discouraged.

He earned a lot of money to some of the notable and popular; she could not stand it and deleted the game. But a few months later, probably when the money ran out, he said that in August 2014, then release Flappy bird’s new version.
Customers expecting this news, nobody knows whether these games are as popular as the old wine cellar an introduction.

Flappy Bird is most popular app in 2014 created by Dong Nguyen. This game is simple 2D game, developed as mobile application. But suddenly Dong Nguyen deletes this game from app store, after this many of analog created by different app provider.

In Flappy Bird game you have to fly without crash. You have to fly up and down without touching pipes.  90% of game player can’t pass more than 10 pipes, it amazing. Some people says that game is created by devil because of its difficult.

In this game you need to have good Nervous System because no one can win this game in one try. But when you will play this game once you will never stop playing.

On our site we present original version of this amazing game. As you see this is more hard then its analogs. play and enjoy.